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Introducing Becky Hataway Music To Inspire

Sharing my love of music, one note at a time!

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Thank you for visiting my site. May God Bless You..

Embrace Your Passion

My Name is  Becky Hataway.  I love to sing about the Lord. It's like preaching to the sound of music.

Live Life in Song

“What will grant you your freedom, if you fight for it, will also bring you defeat, if you don’t fight for it!”

Be Inspired By Everything

Music is to life, as paint is to a canvas...  

it awakens the mind body soul.  I truly believe this is why King Saul was comforted when David played the harp.  

It is scientifically notated that when you hear music, the whole brain is activated... 

There is no doubt in my mind that music that honors God, can bring about healing, harmony, and a sense of peace.


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Becky Hataway Music To Inspire